Competency Review & Evaluation Process

The Competency Review and Evaluation (CRE) Process is a mechanism for the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee to monitor registrant participation in, and compliance with,  the QA Program.  There are 3 main components:

  1.  Audit of your Professional Portfolio
  2. Participation in the Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) process
  3. Participation in a Peer and Practice Assessment (PPA)

Annually, registrants are randomly selected to participate in the CRE process, half are required to have an audit of their previous year's Professional Portfolio and half are required to particpate in the MSF process and have an audit of their previous year's Professional Portfolio.Registrants identified as requiring an in-depth assessment of their practice during this process are also required to participate in a Peer and Practice Assessment. 


The College is making some important changes to the way it monitors opticians' participation in the Quality Assurance Program. The changes will allow the College to more easily identify opticians who are at a higher risk for practice deficiencies and streamline the process for opticians who are consistently meeting all of their annual requirements. 

NEW FOR 2023

Multi-Source Feedback Process

Based on feedback from registrants and all available data, the Board has decided to eliminate the Multi-Source Feedback process, which required registrants to collect surveys from patients and colleagues. This change is effective immediately. 

NEW FOR 2024

Peer and Practice Assessments

Beginning in 2024, the College will be selecting a group of opticians at random to undergo Peer and Practice Assessments. These assessments will replace the Multi-Source Feedback process and will allow the College to gain a more in-depth understanding of how opticians are practising on a day-to-day basis.

Professional Portfolios

Opticians will still be required to submit their annual Professional Portfolion by December 31 each year, and the College will continue to select a number of opticians at random for an in-depth portfolio audit. Beginning 2024, however, opticians who do not upload all of their portfolio requirements by December 31 will be more likely to be selected for an audit and a Peer and Practice Assessment.

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