Becoming an Elected Board Member

What is the Role of an Elected Board Member?

Working with the College of Opticians is a rewarding way to contribute to public protection and the governing of the self-regulated profession of Opticianry. Opticians who serve on Board make decisions about College policies and by-laws that reflect our mandate of ensuring that the public receives safe, ethical, and competent care by Registered Opticians. If you are a Registered Optician interested in using your knowledge and skill in the interest of public protection, you should consider seeking nomination. 

Board members attend regular meetings and make decisions abut policies and the strategic direction of the College. In addition, Board Members:

  • Serve on the Discipline Committee to hear cases into allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence. Most Board Members sit on at least one other commitee of the College. 
  • Attend committee meetings and make decisions on cases relating to registration, quality assurance, Standards of Practice, Patient Relations, Governance, or complaints and investigations. 
  • Commit to attending meetings, maintaining confidentiality, preparing for meetings by reviewing materials and undergoing training. 
  • Recieve an honoraium for attending meetings and reviewing meeting materials. Members are also reimbursed for reasonable travel and expenses. 
Who can Run?

To seek election to the board of directors, you must meet the eligibility criteria set out in the College's by-laws. No prior experience is required, however, applicants will be interviewed and asked to demonstrate the behavioural competencies listed below and complete the pre-election training before becoming eligible. For more information click here to watch a video on the process. 


What skills and attributes make a great Board member?

Anyone seeking election to the board will be required to demonstrate various specific skills and knowledge, as well as the five behavioural competencies listed below: 

  • Passion Public Service Oriented: Demonstrates outstanding initiative and commitment towards the practice of opticianry. Committed to service the College’s mandate to regulate the profession of opticianry in the public interest. 
  • Exemplified Integrity: Demonstrates a conviction to do what’s right and to reject what’s wrong, regardless of the consequences.
  • Unbiased and Open Minded: Demonstrates the ability to self identify and set aside conscious biases. Proactively reflects on the impact of unconscious biases in all situations. Actively listens and absorbs all information to make an informed and open-minded decision.  
  • Critical Judgment and Decision Making: Makes good decisions based upon a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience and sound judgment. Comfortably deals with concepts and complexity and looks beyond the obvious to avoid ‘group think’ and/or the status quo.
  • Collaboration and Inclusion: Demonstrates an open mindset, listens without judgement, and embraces diversity of others and of thought. Seeks to understand and build on the strenghts of others. 
How can I Become an Elected Board Member?

To become an elected board member, you must seek a nomination for election in your district during that district’s election year. Seats come up for election every three years.
Nominations open in August / September of the election year, and the election takes place in October / November. For more information email us


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