Funding for Therapy and Counselling

The College of Opticians of Ontario provides funding for therapy and counselling for patients who have made allegations of sexual abuse by a registrant.

Who is eligible?

Patients are eligible for funding if it is alleged in a complaint or report to the College that the person was sexually abused by a registrant while that person was the registrant’s patient.

How much funding is available?

The legislation mandates that the funding cannot exceed a maximum amount of approximately $16,000. This amount is subject to change. Once a patient is determined to be eligible, the College will let the patient know how much funding he/she will receive. The funding is paid directly to the therapist/counsellor by the College. If some of the cost of the therapy or counselling is covered by OHIP or a private insurer, the payment to the therapist or counsellor is reduced by that amount.

Is there a time limit to apply?

Funding may be provided for up to five years from the date the patient became eligible or the date they first received therapy or counselling. To receive the full benefit of the funding, patients should apply as early as possible.

Can I choose my therapist or counsellor?

If you are eligible for funding you may choose any therapist or counsellor as long as the therapist or counsellor:

  • Is not a family member; and
  • Has not been found guilty of professional misconduct of a sexual nature or found criminally or civilly liable for a sexual act.

Will my information be kept confidential?

You and your therapist or counsellor must keep all information obtained through the application for funding process confidential. A decision by the Patient Relations Committee that you are eligible for funding does not constitute a finding of professional misconduct against the registrant and cannot be considered by any other College committee.

If, however, following a separate investigation process, the registrant is referred to a discipline hearing, disclosure obligations may require that the registrant receive a copy of the funding application. In addition, if the College wishes to recover costs of therapy from the registrant, he or she will be notified of your application, and may also be entitled to disclosure of your application or the decision of the Patient Relations Committee.

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete the following forms and submit them to the College: 

Hard copies of these forms are available on request. Patients can also contact the College for assistance by calling 416-368-3616 or emailing

Application forms may be emailed, faxed or mailed to:

Patient Relations Committee 
The College of Opticians of Ontario
90 Adelaide St. W., Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5H 3V9
Fax: 416-368-2713


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